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Plano Holography Workshops


You've seen them in movies and on TV and if you're lucky you've seen the full 3D effect live. Would you like to learn to make a hologram of your own?

If so, join us for our individually tailored holography workshops.

Contrary what many people think it doesn't take several degrees and a university lab full of equipment to make holograms.  Our introductory workshop will show you how you can make holograms with an inexpensive laser, easily purchased film and chemicals in a dark room inside your own house.  In fact, our workshops are held in a dark room inside our house.

Making a hologram is much like photographing a still-life.  You set up your subject as you want it to appear in your final work, take into consideration the placement and lighting of your scene, shoot the hologram and develop the film just like you would if you had your own photographic darkroom. The final result is a fully 3-dimensional image of the original still-life.

In the workshops you'll learn about lasers, chemistry, optics, glass cutting, film cutting and mounting, scene composition and lighting.


Introduction to Holography

This workshop is intended for those people who are new to lasers and/or holography.  You'll be taken through the history of holography all the way to the making of your own hologram to take with you at the end of the workshop.  The topics we'll cover are: 

  • A short history of the beginning of holography.

  • The myths and realities of holography.

  • Demonstration of the kinds of holograms made today.

  • Chemical safety.

  • Laser safety.

  • Into the lab. Introduction to the tools we'll be using.

  • Scene set up for a 3x3" single-beam reflection hologram.

  • Measuring light levels, computing exposure time and shooting film.

  • Developing your hologram.

  • Post-processing to increase brightness.

Intermediate Holography workshop

If you have taken the Introduction to Holography workshop, the intermediate workshop is the next step where you will have the opportunity spend even more time in the lab making a multi-beam transmission master.  The additional beams will give you greater control over the lighting of your scene as well as the final brightness of the hologram. The transmission format will allow much greater scene depth and complexity.

  • Chemical & laser safety review.

  • Design considerations for a transmission master.

  • Pre-treating film to increase sensitivity.

  • Film pre-processing techniques.

  • Mounting film to glass to save money and improve master reliability.

  • Making your multi-beam master.

Advanced Holography workshop

The next step is to take the transmission master you made in the Intermediate workshop and use it to create an image-plane transmission or reflection copy of your master hologram.  The advantage of making image-plane holograms is that your final hologram will be brighter and you can make the image project out in front of the hologram for a more dramatic 3D effect.

  • Chemical & laser safety review.

  • Pre-treating film for color control.

  • Making the 4x5 image-plane copy.

Lab workshop

  • For people who've attended either the Intermediate or Advanced workshops, the lab can be opened up solely for the making of a hologram using their own subject and design. We will provide all the necessary materials with the exception of a suitable subject. If you have attended the Intermediate workshop, this is also an opportunity to make additional copies of your hologram.



Workshop prices

Workshop Length Cost
Introduction to Holography workshop 1 hr $75.00
Intermediate workshop 1 hr $75.00
Advanced workshop 1 hr $75.00
Hologram Lab 1 hr $50.00



Q. Who can attend these workshops?
A. Anyone 10 or over (younger if they are mature for their age). The workshops are geared for all ages and are tailored to fit the participants. A parent is welcome to attend with their child as an observer.

Q. Should I just drop in, or schedule a workshop in advance?
A. Workshops should be scheduled in advance. Please email or call to schedule a time.

Q. Aren't lasers dangerous?
A. No, when treated with respect, the lasers that we use in our workshops are no more dangerous than any bright light you would find in your house. We do take care to make sure that the laser is under proper control at all times.

Q. What about the chemicals? Are they hazardous?
A. The chemicals used with holography are actually no more hazardous than many of the cleaners you have in your home. Basic precautions are taken to limit contact with the chemicals and we provide eyewear, an apron, gloves and tongs for use when developing the holograms you will be making.

Q. Is there anything special I should wear?
A. Wear what you would if you were going out on a warm day.  The temperature in the lab is usually about 85 degrees.

Q. What sort of object can I bring for my hologram?
A. For the beginning workshop something made of plastic, glass, porcelain or matte-finish metal are good choices. Let us know ahead of time what you would like to bring so we can make sure it's suitable.


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