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Here's a table of information available on the holography web site.  It's in no particular order at the moment.

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Links - Links to individual holographers, holographic production companies, film, chemical, optic & misc suppliers.

Gallery - Pictorial gallery of holograms created by us.  You can also purchase many of the holograms.

Past work - Descriptions and pictures of how Michael got started in holography.

Basic laser diode kinks - Using a diode laser for the first time. Description of obstacles faced.

Making a window light-resistant - How to use aluminum channel and a "light-proof" shade to make a room dark enough to use as a holography lab and still be able to look outside at times.

Cutting Film - One method for cutting film in the dark.

Making a remote shutter - Descriptions on how to adapt a panel meter as a remote shutter.

Re-rebuilding our table - The second iteration of our "new" table.

Exposure Robot - Using a Lego RCX system for exposure control.

Fixer experiments - Failures in using Fixer as part of a development regime with JD2 developer

Print-out tests - Various tests to find out ways to prevent print-out.

Latensification tests - Does it help with PFG-01?

Does TEA cause fogging? - We have only found one method that causes fogging when using TEA.

What's the longest exposure this table can handle? - To date, 60 seconds is the longest we've needed to make a copy of our castle.

Inner tubes or bubble-wrap? - We replace our inner tubes with bubble-wrap and gain more stability.

Want to buy our holograms? - here's our budding store.

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets. If you have any to add, please contact us.

PFG-03M tests - How do those plates compare with using PFG-01 film?

More PFG-03M tests - How does a second batch perform?

BB640 - Testing BB640 plates


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