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This section is divided up into the weeks spent rebuilding our holography lab.  This lab is part of my home office and is now also being used for making holograms.

Week 1, a laser is born.

Week 2/3, building the table.

Week 4, Smorgasbord of equipment.

Week 5, New laser, laser tests, mounts.

Week 6, Setting up for the first shot.

Week 7, Success?

Week 8, Ongoing tests.


Week 8 marks the end of the Rebuilding phase.  At this point I think I've got the lab going well enough that I can consider it rebuilt and move on the Present phase of this web site.

Ok, maybe Week 8 doesn't mark the end of the rebuilding phase...  Still in-progress (ok, the whole site is) but here's what I did during Week 10

Week 10, re-rebuilding


Misc thoughts on rebuilding my lab


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