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Individual Holographers

Frank Defreitas

Colin Kaminski

Kris Meerlo

Vidar Hegdal

Ronnie Anderassen 

Jon Fairstein

Rudie Berkhout

Margaret Benyon

Andrew Pepper

August Muth

John Pecora

Wenyon & Gamble

W's Laser Projects Page

Jeff Blyth


Doris Vila

Pearl John


Bill McGarvin

Howard Gerry

John Johnson

Betsy Connors

Mark Lucente

Al Razutis  



Mailing lists/forums

THE forum for Holography,

Holoworld forum

The New Holographic Forum from Russia

Holography World Forum


Generalized holography sites


Holography World



Hologram production companies

Laser Reflections

Forth Dimension Holographics 

Three Dimensional Imagery

Holographs on Main

Zebra Imaging

Cherry Optical - Universal Hologram

Holographics North

Ralcon - HOE production & good source for tech info.

Russion Holographic Company



Liti Holographics

Ana Maria Nicholson

Ikuo Nakamura

Surreality Innovations 


Hologram Galleries/Exhibitions

The Hologram Universe

Royal Holographic Art Gallery

The Hologram Gallery

Guillermito's Gallery

Holography Center

Jonathan Ross Collection

Shadowy Figures

Gallery286 - mostly traditional media although they do show some work by Jonathan Ross.

Galeri ucuncuboyut

France Design Holographie


Film - Slavich film & plates. - Slavich film & plates, small supply of Ilford plates. - Slavich film & plates, BB640 plates. Advertises the lowest prices for Slavich. - Ultimate film & plates. Was discontinued but is now back in production (1/2004). - BB series plates. - Red and green sensitive photopolymer.


Chemicals - One-stop shop for pre-measured developer & film.  Best place to buy for beginners.  Mallinckrodt Laboratory Chemicals.

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets for a number of chemicals used in holography.


Lasers/parts & information Laser diode parts. Laser diode parts. Lasers and diodes. Red, Green & Blue diode lasers & drivers. Surplus lasers. Surplus lasers. Surplus laser directory. Laser diode drivers. Laser diode modules. Laser diodes. Laser diodes. Laser diodes. Laser diodes. Laser power supplies. Fiber-optics supplies. LEOT Laser training course. Alternate LEOT link. Sam's Laser Faq - excellent source for laser information.  Photonic Products laser diode links. 101 things to do with a laser. laser & laser show information. laser products and accessories.


Stereogram References

Holographic multi-stereogram Kjell Einar Olsen.


General electronic equipment/parts Electronics. Electronics. name says it all. Electronics. Electronics. Electronics. Light sensitive devices.


Optics/Mirrors High quality optics & technical notes. Surplus optics. Surplus Parts and Cool Stuff. Optics. Optics. First-surface mirrors. Specialized optics source. Supplies and inexpensive optics. Inexpensive collimating mirrors. Glass products, dichroic mirrors. Misc optics. Spatial filter.


Misc Equipment Mounts & tools. Tooling supplies. Raw metal and machining supplies. Raw metal and machining supplies. Tools. Solar cells as light meter probes. Robot technology. Instead of black paint for reflection holos #651. for a distributor near you. Supplier of graphic films for backing and lamination. Material suitable for permanently index matching film to glass. Another material suitable for permanently index matching film to glass. Dupont Holographics. Offers a number of inexpensive components for Holography. Brayer rollers. Spatial Filter & misc holders. Air knives. Wide range of tools for your shop.


LEGO/RXC Lego laser brick. Lego laser brick.



Conductive paints/pigments Glow in the dark. Fireproof. Photosensitive paint.

LCD sources  connectors & screens.  lcd interfacing info.

The next three contain info on using an LCD screen intended for vans and putting it into a computer.  The same concepts can be adapted for using an LCD screen to make stereograms.

Video monitors

5" LCD video module


Courses/Howto Holography course at Ohio State. Virtual Holography course at Virginia Tech. - Internet Practical Holography.

Amateur Holography - simple & low budget. University of Edinburgh. How to make laser pointer holograms. Holography course by Stephen Benton. Alternate page for Stephen Benton's course material.

Holostars - Holography workshop in Quebec. - basic optics information, good site and not only for kids. Nuts to bolts online descriptions for hobbyist. Optics course from MIT.


Organizations Royal Photographic Society . Holography newsletter back issues.



Melles Griot Technical library  - Excellent publication abstract search site. Notes on holographic theory. Misc laser diode information from a '99 class at NASA. Electronics information Online. Computer interfacing tools & tech. Meld for PalmOS. Lots of devices that interface with the PC. SPIE home page on the web. Bio of Gabriel Lippmann. Nobel E-Museum. Wavefront back issues. Stony Brook Laser Center. Art Holography CD project. Misc surplus equipment. Retail hologram shop. US patent database. Laser crystal products. Exposure control. Exposure control. Museum of Holography. Holography in Germany. Hologram (stickers & such) production. Candy holograms. homebuilt lasers. museum & courses. Dutch holographic laboratory. International Hologram Manufacturers association. Art Institute of Chicago. Electronic shutters. LED circuits. LED museum. Lots of LED information. Power controllers, etc. Zetex based LED driver. LED forums. Holography in Singapore.  Introduction to color.  Interesting physics applets.  More applets for chemistry.  A slew of physics applets. A program to make computer generated holograms. Story of the holographic portrait of the Queen. USCD Holography. Newport holography workbook. Hyperphysics holography.s



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