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Holographic game
March 23 2004 at 5:05 AM
  (Login JohnFP)

I have often thought about creating a holographic board game. One in which multiple pieces can occupy the same space, walls appear at certain time when you land on a square (a light comes on that illuminates the hologram which puts up the wall), secret codes (also done with lighting), secret passages etc...
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Re: Holographic gameMarch 23 2004, 11:09 AM 

Not a bad idea. In fact the played piece ('token') could itself be used to generate the light in tandem with the square landed on. So if you're the green piece and land on a particular square a particular light comes on and illuminates a particular hologram which won't come on for someone with a red piece on the same square.

I once had an idea for multiple holograms with various stages of a chess game all shot on the same plate at different angles. I was going to put this into a window as a window pane. As the day progressed, different stages of the chess game would appear floating in the middle of the room.
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Re: Re: Holographic gameMarch 23 2004, 7:59 PM 

Sounds like an 80's throwback failure
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Re: Re: Re: Holographic gameMarch 24 2004, 11:06 AM 

"Sounds like an 80's throwback failure"
The chess game or the tokens? I admit, the chess game idea is probably impractical, but if it could be made to work it'd be what most of the public think is a hologram anyway.
The tokens idea is not that far-fetched. The chess game in one of the Harry Potter movies is similar in concept. If you could simulate such a thing holographically (and with miniature multiplex holograms it may be possible), and John's idea is not too far off, I think it'd be big.
As for something from the 80's being a 'throwback failure", I think the following list of recent movies is pretty funny:
The Fugitive - a 60's TV series
Get Carter - a 60's movie (wasn't that great even then!)
My Favorite Martian - a 60's TV series
Car 54 - Where are you - a 60's TV series
The Thomas Crown Affair - a 70's movie
The Italian Job - a 60's movie
Dawn of the Dead - a 50's (bad!) movie
Starsky and Hutch - a (so-so) 70's TV series
The Ladykillers - a 50's movie
Lost in Space - a 60's (my favourite!) TV series
etc. etc. etc.

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